Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Summer is Flying By!!!

Wow! Mid-July already?! Where is this summer going? My last summer with little babies and I can't seem to soak in every moment. They just pass me by!

What a great week we've had!

We FINALLY made it back to breakfast on Monday with my dad. The boys have SO missed this special time of meeting dad and grandma every Monday, but we haven't been able to get out of the house by 8:00 since the girls were born. We're finally getting back on track! :)

We spent a day at Riverfront Park. Those passes are one of our best investments. The kids can run and play and get all that energy run out while I get some time in the sun and get to watch the boys happy. This was the first time they've ever done bumper cars. They don't quite meet the height requirement, but I convinced the kid to let them ride. It was so funny I had tears streaming down my face...the kid didn't find it as amusing. Thomas continually ran into the walls, but eventually got the hang of it. Joshua, I had neglected to explain the purpose of bumper cars to. He spent the entire time screaming and crying, "Don't hit me. Stop hitting my car." It was hilarious.

Friday I had some help in the form of Maliya. Maliya is our best friends from college's little girl. She was the flower girl in our wedding 8 years ago and is now old enough to be my helper! She needed somewhere to go for the day, and I gladly accepted. Of course, it's an ethical fine line between child labor and her getting to hold babies and play with boys, but she had fun so that's all that counts, right?!

This weekend was absolutely fantastic (aside from the fact that Dan had Guard and we missed him all weekend). My brother from Seattle was in town, so we spent the weekend at the lake with the family. The boys had an absolute blast. When searching for life jackets for them I came up empty handed (poor timing, I know), but I DID find these tops that snap to their swim trunks that have floaties in them. It was enough for the boys! They would swim out to the dock with uncle Adam and take turns jumping off. Mind you the water is about 200 feet deep right there, so floaties are essential, especially for jumping boys. In the end, they'd say, "Don't help me, I can do it myself." They would jump off the dock, swim to the ladder, climb up and do it again. It was so much fun to watch! They also enjoyed slip and sliding with the cousins. That was fun to watch too. Most people go for speed and distance when doing this. The boys go for speed and height. It's painful to watch. Joshua went for a tube right. Luckily I did not catch the boat going out, so I missed this adventure. I love that the boys tube, but it makes my heart beat just a little bit faster in fear they will fall. Which Joshua did. That's right, he took his first tube spill at the ripe age of 3. Apparently he handled it well and they went back and picked him up and he was perfectly fine. I would've jumped out of the boat and totally overreacted, so I'm glad I wasn't there.

We are home now and have a busy week ahead of us before we take off next weekend for Corey and Priscilla's wedding/family vacation.


Jolene said...

I LOVE the story about Joshua on the bumper cars. Sooo cute!! I was laughing out loud thinking about that. :)

Nicole said...

The bumper car story cracks me up!! I had to read it out loud to Craig because iw was so funny!