Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday At Home

It doesn't happen very often. Our summers are so full, and we love it that way, but we don't get a lot done at home. This weekend we decided to stay home and catch up on household chores. Even with two adults, we don't usually get too much done, but at least one person at a time can do something. Dan has nearly finished my Mother's Day present (a raised garden bed). We also sprayed for bees and bugs since they are trying to build nests around the house. UGH! I cleaned the kitchen counters and made brownies. Not much on my end, but in my defense, I had the kids most of the day.

The girls were super cute today. They have informed me that despite the fact that I am not a fan of thumb-sucking, they fully intend to be thumb-suckers. We'll see who wins. :) They fell asleep on the floor multiple times, prompting me to take lots of pictures.

This week we started doing "school time." I bought some preschool workbooks and during the girls' afternoon naps I spend an hour or so doing schoolwork with them. This has provided them with me focusing on them alone, and they are loving it.

Dan also fixed their bikes. They were so happy.

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