Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 1/2 Months

The girls are now 10 weeks. We've gotten a small handle on life and have semi-happy girls most of the time. Summer seems to just be flying right by!

Both girls are now smiling. If you catch a really good moment, you'll even get a chuckle or giggle. There have been a couple times where I have found the girls on their stomachs, so they are rolling over, but not consistently or often. Kaitlyn will sleep through the night if she's feeling well. Molly is still eating every 3 hours, or more often. Hey, the girls got some catching up to do! :) On a good note, they are starting to take their binkies better. They did not want to be binky babies, instead they enjoy their fists and fingers. The battle is not yet over, but they are starting to give in. Anyone with twins that I've talked to has agreed that binky is better (maybe it's a multiples thing?).
Kaitlyn has been showing signs she's ready for more than the bouncy seat. I got out the exersaucer for her this week and she's loving it. I don't trust her head control entirely, so I surround her with mass blankets. You can see, she's totally loving it!

The boys are loving being outside and the constant activity. We generally find a splash pad 3 times a week. On days when we feel like staying home, the boys are loving playing outside with our neighbors. Lily is 4 and Rowan is 18 months. We all pull the outside toys out and the kids roam from yard to yard playing. Thomas recently found a skateboard next door and was extremely happy. He's been asking for a skateboard for months!

Happy 4th of July dear friends and family. We are heading out to Dan's parents place on Spokane River. The 4th of July festivities are low-key and not as well known and we LOVE it! The boys can experience fireworks without the crowd. I hope to have tons of pictures for you when we return!


SuzySheffler said...

Not every twins mom said binkies are good. Thumbs are better!!! Wow I can't believe the girls are rolling already. Have a great 4th!

Domrese Family Blog said...

You are the only one who says thumb is better! I almost added that, but thought better of it! Hehehehehe.