Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

We're in a naughty streak at our house. It's a bit painful to say the least. Yesterday both boys had a rough day. Thomas was quiet for a while, which I appreciated, however I soon found out it was because he was doing a stamping project. A project where he stepped on the ink pad, and then inked his hands as well. That way when he put handprints all over the kitchen walls, he also left footprints. I sent him to his room after putting socks on him and wiping down his hands. While in his room he took a book and tore out the pages. ARG!

Today was just more of the same. The boys constantly intentionally woke up their sisters. Meaning no girl in the house was happy. I had pulled out a bunch of dresses for the girls for the wedding this weekend. The boys decided to take them off the hangers, and then throw them around the room. I've been searching and matching up outfits and bloomers all evening. At rest time I put baskets of books in their beds so they can read quietly. Apparently they found a coloring book and decided it needed color. Joshua snuck a couple markers into the bedroom where they not only colored the pages, but also the floor, themselves, their beds, etc. My parents are reading this and rolling on the floor laughing. Ugh. :) I took them outside and handed them a rag, and then hosed them off. This did not thrill them, but it saved me the time of wiping them down for hours trying to get marker off them so they didn't leave footprints and marks throughout the house. I then explained they could not leave their room until the books were picked up. This resulted in tons of tears and crying. Both boys fell asleep in their room crying. Of course, they had to tear up a few more books first. Luckily they both got a good nap in, so we could all be happy.

On another note, the girls turned 12 weeks this week. Took a few pictures. Molly is definitely a daddy's girl. She smiles for him, looks for him, you can see the adoration in her eyes. She is still having bowel issues and crying a ton, but we are finding more what works for her, so life is slowly improving. Kaitlyn is a mommy's girl. She likes to be held by other people, but will quickly need to come back to me. Luckily, I can soothe her pretty easily. She is loving her exersaucer and figured out just today how to turn one particular part on it. She was shaking it took so much effort and concentration! CUTE! She is extremely close to rolling over and has done it a few times already. Both girls are becoming thumb suckers and are getting better at finding their hands. They are both holding their head up well.


Kim said...

First the girls are so adorable!! I can't believe they are 12 weeks already! I swear you were just pregnant! Second I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks at their child lately and wonders where the naughty came from! I hope the boys realize that they are going to owe you big time when they get older! Oh, and that karma is a bi*ch! :P

Jolene said...

Wow, that IS some naughtiness! I don't believe in spanking, but I might not have been able to control myself in that case. j/k ;)

Trippleaaa said...

Sounds like a rough time. Through all of this, you still manage to keep your cool! Here's a big "pat on the back" and a "job well done" from me! On another note... where do you find stamp pads large enough for feet???? I want one, or more :)