Thursday, October 28, 2010

9 Lives???

Can people have nine lives or is it just cats? Or could Molly really be part cat? This girl used one of her nine lives today and it just makes me so nervous. At some point she's going to run out of luck and we'll be referring to this post.

Just months ago I watched her fly from my dad's arms and knock her head repeatedly against the cement. Nothing. I mean, a broken elbow, but in contrast to what my eyes saw, it was nothing.

Today was no different. All the kids were playing nicely, I was cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready for my dad's 68th birthday party when I heard the crash. Knowing the sound of breaking glass and the scream from Molly, I immediately yelled an expletive that I'm pretty sure the boys have never heard and better not ever repeat.

I turned the corner to the hallway to see Molly pinned under our full-length (?) mirror, the top of the mirror pressing against her head. I could see the glass, I could see the shards. Barefoot I ran over it all and pulled her out.

Immediately all kids knew there was a contamination zone and to stay away from there. Thankfully, due to poop in the bath incidents, they are pretty good with firm direction. I ran my hands over Molly over and over. She was more concerned about the broken mirror than anything else and wouldn't settle until I put it back up against the wall.

That girl has not even a scratch. No bump. No bruise. And that mirror is heavy! I can barely barely lift it on my own! My feet are also fine. Not a piece of glass in either of us. Amazing.

Great to come out on top, but wondering if we're just saving up for a good one? Please no...


Holly said...

Looks like one little girl has a very protective guardian angel.

Carissalayla said...

all I can say is God is watching over you guys and protecting you, I am glad to hear that everyone id ok.