Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preschool Fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch

The boys' preschool field trip was today to the pumpkin patch. If you'll recall last year, we were unable to go. You don't recall? Let me remind you.

We had the swine flu. All five of us. Where was Dan? Gone, on military training. For all of it. It was the worst period of my life. Ever. The boys missed the field trip. Were sick on their 4th birthday. Spent the majority of the days at the doctor's office or crying...or both. Miserable.

But on to the field trip. We had so much fun! An amazing grandma Patti stayed at home with sick girls. Not swine flu sick mind you, just this darn cold! The boys got some full-on, much-needed mommy time. Hooray! And mommy got to visit with other preschool mommies...hooray!

After last night's birthday party, there wasn't a lot of energy. Five minutes into being there and Thomas said, "I'm done. Can we go home and rest?" Oops! Mommy fail. Guess a party pre-field trip plus a cold isn't what I was suppose to do! Here's the energetic boys on the hay ride.

They were tired? What? Couldn't even muster a smile? It just gets better and better. The happy boys (and trust me, they actually WERE happy, just no energy to smile!) getting apples:

 What? Still tired? Bright sun? A wonderful picture with mommy! (In their defense---and mine---it was super bright. I have incredibly sensitive eyes and was having issues, apparently the boys take after mommy)
One more try on the haystack. No? Let's go home. And get a treat on the way. :)

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