Saturday, October 9, 2010

Generation Backwards?

What will our children's generation be called? Could they be the backwards generation?

This evening I was trying to cook dinner in an orderly fashion. And by that I mean very very quickly as all children were falling apart. To keep Thomas occupied I let him play a game on the computer. I found Battleship online. He was instantly enthralled. He didn't get much strategy but enjoyed every single second of the game. We had a great dinner and while cleaning up the kids played in the craft drawers.

Dan looked down to see Thomas drawing his own Battleship board and Joshua cutting out ships from paper. Adorable! They then proceeded to "play" Battleship with their paper pieces.

So I started this generation going to be backwards? Will they see and do everything with technology first and THEN realize there is another way?

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The Butterfields said...

we play online battleship on vs my dad, with skype on for voices. Its hilarious and Harry LOVES it. He definitely doesn't get the strategy, but its super fun!!