Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chuck E Cheese Here We Come

More about the party in a moment. Enjoy this new memory in the making. A parent from the school that I use to teach at, does this fabulous thing for her kids and I totally stole it (but here's the credit to Robin Hallenius!). She makes them pancakes in the number that they now are. So I made the boys "5" pancakes. They were so happy!!! I love this idea and will do it for every birthday (even Dan's) from here on out!

The boys celebrated their 5th birthday in style, at Chuck E Cheese! It was so much fun! It was a great mix of friends from our Mommy & Me Group, friends from preschool, and family friends. What a great celebration for these fabulous boys! Thanks to all of our friends for making this day such a special day!

Thomas got to choose the theme for this party and he chose soccer. Here is his soccer cake:

Joshua got to see his "best friend Anna" after nearly a year and a half. This boy is loyal. It's a great trait he has. Whenever they see each other, they run and hug, and that's it. They barely speak the rest of the time. I did manage to get this shot though!
I love this look of joy. It reminds me that even though I was busy running around and was so busy. This look of joy makes me happy. It's what a Chuck E Cheese party is all about.

Katie even enjoyed the party. Molly too!

Chuck E Cheese and the birthday boys

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