Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Connection So Strong...

It brings tears to our eyes watching the connections between our kids. We expected a strong connection between the twins themselves. Thomas and Joshua have always been close and share many of those super neat twin traits (twinspeak, etc). When Joshua got stitches (you'll have to look back to March for that post, not sure how to make a link), it became very clear that the boys were connected in a major way.

We never thought the connection between the four kids (technically quadruplets since conceived on the same day) would be so strong.


 Katie has the strongest connection emotionally to everyone by far. If someone is crying, she will run over to them with big eyes, rub their back and then hold them (or hug them) until they are ok. This show of emotion is more effective than if mommy or daddy were to do the same thing. They take care of each other and it's amazing to see. The same is true if Katie is hurt. Everyone will run to her and give her a hug and it makes everything better instantly. We are in awe.

These children are connecting so deeply we are moved beyond belief. Who knew that this bond would be so strong? We love them so.

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