Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Look Like Updog

Today we had a free class at My Gym. No pics, but it was fun! Joshua is getting pretty good at the monkey bars and loves to volunteer in class. Thomas is pretty shy but once he gets going, he's hard to stop. They both have great balance and did well with the balance beam and hanging on the trapeze bar and doing flips. Pretty impressive! I wish we could sign up for actual regular classes, but the free ones will do for now. After class, we went over to Millwood Park for a Mommy & Me Meetup. I was a little late, so some people were heading out, but we did get to sit and visit with some friends. After such a busy morning, we were home by 1:00 PM and the boys passed out for a great nap. We (and I do mean WE) woke up 3 hours later and hopped into the car again. Northwest Seed and Pet is a great store for kids. The boys absolutely love it. Today there were pigs, cats, dogs, a goat, and the usual alligator and fish. We then got some supports for our beans and peas that are growing in the garden. Daddy met up with us and we went to Costco for our monthly shopping and dinner. Costco, bath, bed. Easy day for us!

Dan today taught Thomas to say, "Mommy you look like Updog." Then I say, "What's Updog?" And Dan cracks up. The joy of having kids.

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