Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Frustrating to Fantastic!

Because there was no wind, when I walked out the door this morning, the smoke hit me hard. We packed up and went out to the lake for some fresh air, sun, and water. The highlight had to be the 2 hours we spent at the beach. Joshua loved swimming and has mastered swimming in a life jacket. Thomas spends his time on the sand and shallow water, preferring to work wonders in mass destruction of sand creations. After some fun at the beach and a great lunch, we attempted nap time. I'm not sure what went wrong in our parenting, but the boys hate napping out of the house. They just suck at it! I got tired of putting them back in bed and trying to force them to sleep, so I followed through with my, "If you get out one more time we're going home," and packed the car and went home. The boys fell asleep after 4 minutes in the car. Not sure who won that one. :( The good news is that they pretty much stayed dry the whole time at the lake! Hooray!

The boys took a super long nap (nearly 3 hours) and we finally woke them up to go look at some houses. We finally found a house that we love. It's in a great neighborhood and does need a little work, but nothing we can't handle (which means it's very minor stuff). It IS at the top of our price range, so we're getting things together to see if it's even possible. It IS exciting though! If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If not, we keep looking. We are in no rush, but are really excited to have finally found something!

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Nicole said...

Hooray about finding a house you like! Remember, you don't have to offer full price. Depending on how long it's been on the market and how eager the sellers are, you may be able to offer much less. We shaved $19,000 off ours because the sellers REALLY wanted to sell. Good luck!!