Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Can NEVER Have Too Much Cereal

For a Tuesday, today was pretty typical. Preschool was great fun. We did ladybugs and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it and we reviewed the life cycle of a ladybug and insect information all day long. It's so much fun to watch your kids gain interest in something and really enjoy learning! I also found out that Joshua knows way more letters than he lets on. He did them with another mom at preschool and did awesome! Way to go Josh!!!! He's holding out on us!

After a great nap, we spent some time outdoors and had dinner. I had to run to the store for milk and randomly found a great cereal sale. I came home with 10 boxes of cereal and 4 gallons of milk. The guys at the checkout were laughing. Little do they know, all of that will last less than 2 weeks. Sad, I know. When they are teenagers, we are screwed. I realized today, we go through 3/4 gallon of milk a day, meaning we buy about 20 gallons of milk a month. It's crazy!

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