Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pickin' Strawberries

Today was strawberry picking day at Greenbluff. Grandma Nancy came with us too! First we explored the farm, pet the goats, played on the tractor, and played in the sand pit filled with peas. The boys were pretty unhappy to leave to go pick strawberries, but were alright with the promise of returning afterwards. We spent about 30 minutes picking strawberries before the boys decided they were done. We paid and played and drove back into town. The highlight of the trip was that both boys stayed dry the entire time! HOORAY!

After dropping off grandma Nancy, we met grandma Patti for lunch at McDonalds. The boys were excited to run freely in the play structure and I was happy to sit and chat with my mom. Unfortunately both boys filled their pants (and I mean filled their underwear) with poo so it was quite the mess to clean up before we got back in the car. YUCK!

After a great nap, the boys went with daddy and grandma and grandpa to a park to ride bikes. I stayed home and made homemade strawberry shortcake with the strawberries and some Chex Mix. I also ran to the store and got some food for the firefighters. Spokane is having some incredible fires right now. The firemen across the street have been working their tails off all day long. In appreciation of them, and understanding that they aren't even getting time to eat, just refuel and head back out, I got them some chicken and doughnuts to keep them going. Hopefully it helps!

Bedtime was late and rough, but they crashed fast around 10:00 PM. This bedtime thing is something we will be soon focusing on. Our time has become inconsistent which does not appear to be helping them. It's nice to be lax in the summer, but is not working out for their temperaments.

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