Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise

Monday mornings bring breakfast with grandpa. After 3 trips to the bathroom at IHOP, both boys were well-emptied. They did really well all morning! We ran home to grab swim gear and off we went to Millwood Park. Joshua actually asked to go potty twice! HOORAY! Thomas promptly peed on the tennis court. Despite the pee, both boys enjoyed playing tennis with each other. It's amazing their memories. We've been to this park multiple times, but never seen anyone play tennis. Apparently Thomas remembered the courts though and insisted on bringing his "tennis." I realized he remembered and wanted to play himself, and that's where he spent nearly the entire playdate!

After a naptime filled with biting, tears, and arguing, the boys were separated and slept peacefully for nearly 3 hours. A trip to Northwest Seed and Pet for ladybugs and the boys were off with daddy. I got a blissful 4 hours by myself with the other organizers from my Mommy & Me Group. I "accidentally" "forgot" my phone, so there were no interruptions!

I've just finished painting 40 lima beans red for preschool tomorrow. About 20 of the 1500 ladybugs purchased today are in jars (don't worry, holes have been poked) waiting for those eager hands tomorrow (the other ladybugs are already in the garden). The boys are asleep and I'm getting stuff ready for preschool tomorrow. For us, just another day in paradise.

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