Thursday, July 31, 2008

Having Kids Is Exhausting!

It's been a busy few days. Kierra (my niece) is back with us for a couple weeks (just watching her during the days), so our schedule is a little different. It's tiring! She's such an easy kid, but with 3 it just takes longer to get anything done. Sunday we spent at the lake with my family (Josh can swim with his life jacket on, no help necessary...see pics)! Monday was busy with breakfast with grandpa and Millwood Park. Tuesday we met the Mommy And Me Group at a park and enjoyed the WONDERFUL weather. Wednesday we picked raspberries with grandma Nancy and had a picnic at Riverfront Park, and today we went to a splash pad nearby and hung out with our mommy and kid friends form the Mommy & Me Group.

Thomas has recently taken a real interest in baseball. He and Dan are out at every opportunity practicing. He can hit off a pitch about 50% of the time right now. It's absolutely adorable and it's great to watch them really really bond. He hits the ball and then runs the bases. So fun! They are both picking up so much new vocabulary. Dan will ask Thomas, "Who do you love?" Thomas replies, "Mommy!" Dad will say, "Who else?" hoping that Thomas will say Daddy. Instead Thomas replies, "Nobody!" I'm not sure where he figured it out, but it's really cute, especially because he loves me! :) He is also starting to begin his sentences with "I" instead of "me." This is a big change!

Joshua is really growing up! You can see in his pictures that he's losing that baby face and becoming a little boy. Sniff! I love that he's stayed so little for me! His vocabulary is so fun to listen to. He loves to tell jokes and often cracks himself up. If someone starts laughing, he'll laugh too, just to be involved. Sometimes he wakes up and just wants a cuddle. I love cuddling him and getting those snuggles. I know they won't last forever. He frequently asks, "You happy mommy?" It's adorable that he takes care of others and makes sure everyone is happy. He is also such a baby kid and is so happy to have Kierra around. He wants to help with her in any way possible. He's recently taken to crying at the door at bedtime, wanting to come lay with me in bed. He cries himself to sleep in front of the door. Sometimes he sticks his hand under the door. If I hold it for a while (by touching my fingers to his), he will calm down and sometimes climb into bed. Makes me want to cry just writing it! He fell asleep this way tonight, and I got him to move out of the way, went in and rocked him and put him in his bed. These days too shall pass too quickly.

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