Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Like It Hot Hot Hot!

It was crazy hot today. We were busy this morning with preschool. It wasn't necessarily an academic day, but the kids did some great Fourth of July crafts that turned out really cute! The boys were still exhausted from camping and being off schedule, so they crashed a bit early (and really hard). They took a great nap. This meant I got to clean up and make some home made bread. YUM! It turned out really good and is really yummy. We went outside to play while dinner was in the oven. Ba (Aunt Kim) came over and watched the boys while Dan and I went to a church class. It's nice to get out once a week and have some time to chat. Got home, put the boys to bed. Dan is currently putting in the 2nd air conditioner. I jimmy-rigged it in the window today. He's doing the job for real now.

Left to Right: Joshua, Jordan, Natalie, Gavin, April, Thomas, Jameson

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