Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love The Sun, Love The Heat

Yes, I'm one of those crazy people that loves this heat. Today was spectacular. We got up, got ready, and went out to Badger Lake (where my family has a place). We immediately went down to the boat, where Joshua jumped in (wearing his life jacket) and swam with Uncle Adam. He is a little fish! He attempted to swim on his own, but his life jacket kept tossing him on his back. Thomas, a little more cautious, sat on the back of the boat and put his feet in. I dunked both boys multiple times to keep them cooled off and they didn't seem to mind at all, so it must've felt good. Joshua and I then went tubing. Joshua and I were on one tube, Aunt Nikki and Cousin Taylor on the other. No photos of the actual tubing event, as Uncle Adam was in the boat with all kids! We then had a little indoor time before heading down the beach. Joshua swam out (again in his life jacket) to the swimming dock and jumped off to Adam multiple times. Thomas saw it and even decided to give it a whirl! Of course, Thomas had a death grip on Adam the entire swim out to the dock, but he did say he liked it in the end!

After a short and late nap, we had dinner, took some great pictures, and headed for home. All kids were exhausted and worn out. The boys magically made it home awake and went down just a little bit ago. And you might ask, where was Dan this whole day? He was golfing! Now that is one place I'd rather NOT be when it's this hot!

Cousins from Top to Bottom: Sawyer (7 months-Eric&Nikki), Jameson (20 months- Eric&Nikki), Macey (2 1/2- Adam&Mere), Josh & Thomas (2 1/2- OURS), Abby (4- Adam&Mere), Taylor (4-Eric&Nikki), Natalie (3 months- Adam&Mere)

Cousins Funny Face

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