Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sun? Really? We Can Play Outside?

A beautiful last! Our morning got a slow start as we cleaned up and Kierra arrived. With the sun shining, we immediately got dressed and went outside. It was still wet from the massive storm last night, but with the sun shining, everything is better. After about an hour, we got our library books, bike helmets on, and took our first trek on bikes to the library. This is quite the experience let me tell you. Pushing a double stroller (with Kierra and library books, an extra seat in case one kid can't listen...if two kids can't listen, it's just not pretty), trying to direct two kids and push them when it's just a little uphill, and make it look like you're not breathing hard and about to collapse is quite the challenge! We did finally make it to the library, find some new books and movies, and check out successfully. The boys did a great job downhill on the way home and were rewarded with chicken nuggets for lunch. They are eating machines right now! They each ate 5 chicken nuggets, 2 handfuls of blackberries, and split a can of pears. They asked for a snack afterwards and finished off some fruit snacks, Ritz, and M&M's. WOW! All kids were exhausted and went down fairly easily for a nap. HOORAY! The boys each slept for 3 hours and Kierra slept for 4 hours, so I got to make a double batch of Chex Mix and even eat some all by myself! After everyone woke up, we hit a "school park." The boys are amazed that we are starting to go to school parks. They are under the impression that you only go to "school parks" if you are 5 years old (because every time we pass them school is in session and to keep them from freaking out and forcing a stop, I've convinced them they have to be 5 to use the park). Today Josh kept saying, "Me 5 now? Wow!" He was sooooo happy! We had dinner, came home, mowed lawn, took showers, and off to bed. They were tired! Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful again and it just makes me realize how slow summer is coming this year! Hurry up summer!!!

The boys found a ladybug and were so excited. They ended up killing it by picking it up (they haven't figured out a good technique to pick up ladybugs without squishing them). But they were nice enough to realize the ladybug was "asleep" and put it back to "bed."

My niece, Kierra. She is such a doll! She poses so well and let's me take her picture all the time!

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