Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The last couple days were just plain busy, in a great way! For Father's Day we met my family for breakfast (in case you are wondering, Zip's in Cheney serves breakfast and it's FANTASTIC!). We then went out to my in-laws place on the Spokane River in Post Falls. They live in a little bay where because the dams are still open, the water hasn't come all the way in yet. The boys had a blast playing in what little water there was, and enjoyed being outdoors the majority of the day.

Yesterday was breakfast with grandpa Bob (who was sick and proceeded to pass out at Bridge...update is that he's ok, but recovering from this sickness). With the weather so nice and crabby boys, we went down to Millwood Park. This is the BEST PARK EVER! They have a splash pad AND a wading pool. I set out a blanket and watched the boys run. Last night we went to Kim & Greg's for a BBQ. The boys had their first SMORES. Quite the experience for them. :)

Today was preschool and the theme was zoo. My kids are still eating in an attempt to hibernate, so Thomas spent most of the playdate pulling food (namely Apple Jacks cereal) down and eating the remains of the boxes. We're currently going through a gallon of milk a day, so I know they MUST be growing! Instead of napping the boys decided to seek and destroy in their room. It was amazing. First, they took off their diapers and proceeded to pee on their beds. Why? Marking their territories I guess. They then took out all clothes from the dresser, all items in the closet (and there are A LOT), and all toys out of the organizer. I peeked in once and decided that as long as they were safe and happy I'd have my time of quiet. They are STILL sleeping so they must've just passed out at some point.

A fun moment yesterday: I was in the computer room and heard Thomas teaching Joshua how to say McDonalds. "Mc...Mc...Donalds Josh." Josh attempts. Thomas says, "YES Josh, good! Mc...Mc...Donalds!" This continued for a couple minutes before I went in to see exactly what they were doing. They had found a coupon for McDonald's and were reading the environmental print! It was darling.

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