Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Day All By Myself

Wow! I can't believe I had this much time on my hands before I had kids. And I thought I was so busy! Dan left this morning and took the kids to the river to hang out with his family. I had nearly the whole day to myself! What did I do? I shampooed carpets (in less than 2 hours), dusted, vacuumed, and basically cleaned the main areas from top to bottom. It may not sound like fun, but I got SO much done! AND, I got to blast the music as loudly as I wanted to. It was the longest time I've been away from the boys since I was working. Apparently the boys had a great time and were zonked when they got home. Doubled with the late night last night, they slept for a while and then woke up cranky. It was a short evening and they are currently in bed passed out again. Poor kids. However, I'm feeling pretty good. I think it's time to get some cookies made as a "job well done."

By the way, Dan is also passed out at this point. I think he sometimes forgets how exhausting the boys can be. He is soooooo tired! :)

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