Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Beginning To Feel A Little Like Summer!!!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! The boys woke up, looked outside and exclaimed, "It nice out today!" They proceeded to put on their shoes (with just a diaper on) and tell me they were ready to go outside to play. After downing a huge breakfast, we went out back to play in the sun. I hosted a recipe exchange for the Mommy 'N Me group, so the backyard was soon full of kiddos and moms. It seemed like everyone had a great time and I got some really good recipes for my crockpot! I just scheduled another recipe exchange for July and it's already full, so that's a good sign! The boys took an awesome nap (they were exhausted) and then woke up for some more play time outside. We got a few more hours of bubbles and jumpy house in before it was time for dinner. After eating a massive amount of food (they sure are hungry boys!) we played hard before bedtime. They are still awake but quieting quickly. I'm off to enjoy a good book and some quiet time. I'm really hoping this weather continues, it's so much fun!

Some of the kids from the recipe exchange today (left to right- Joshua, Jameson, Vanessa, and Harry)