Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The boys had a great time at preschool today learning about bugs. They now love to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly and will share with you the information they now know. Cousin Kierra was here and the boys are just absolutely loving her. Joshua and Kierra are really starting to bond and it's really neat to watch. After tag-team napping (where only one child naps at a time..awesome), we took a walk to the library. This experience tells me that I am not ready for more children. Kierra is super easy (squirmy, but easy). The boys, however, see that I don't have all hands accessible and take every distraction as an excuse to misbehave. It's not that it was horrible, I just had a fair amount of sweat running down my forehead at the end of the visit. Daddy came home at a reasonable time and we had a great dinner and play time. You'd think the boys would be exhausted, but apparently Joshua has enough energy left for one more screaming session at the door. He's currently screaming, "Mama? Rock me? MOOOOMMMMYYYY ROOOOCCCCKKK MMMEEE!!!!! WWWWWAAAAAHHHH!" Good times. Good times.

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