Monday, June 9, 2008

Hooray For The "Poop Store"

Yes, we went to the "poop store," more about that later. Our morning was great, as Monday mornings usually are. We went to breakfast at IHOP with Grandpa Bob. The food was great and the boys consumed everything placed in front of them. After breakfast, Joshua decided he was going with Grandpa Bob to play Bridge. He never recovered from waving good-bye. After a trip to Wal-Mart with an unhappy kiddo, we decided to crash dad's Bridge game. Thomas, ever so exhausted, fell asleep on the 10 minute drive and for a couple minutes after I pulled him out of the car (nothing like carrying around 30 extra pounds of dead weight). We interrupted at a good time and had a short visit before heading to grandma's office. There the boys drew on a huge pad of paper, and had an enormous snack of cookies, an apple, water, and string cheese. The drive home was fine, but as soon as we walked through the front door the exhausted kiddos lost it. My idea was to let them run outside for a couple minutes to get out any last bits of energy. WRONG! At one point Thomas was hysterical inside and Joshua was hysterical outside. After pulling everyone inside and getting prepared for nap time I figured I was in the clear. Man, I've never been so wrong. The boys argued, finally I separated them, Joshua decided that his diaper was not needed during naptime and peed on the floor. I argued with him about keeping on a diaper, he went to bed naked. Luckily, he'd peed it all out prior, so he woke up dry. The boys woke up happy and we headed to Costco for some errands. Now, Costco is the one shopping trip we all enjoy. They love the snacks, the books, and all the great things to look at. I love that they are happy, contained in a cart, and well-fed. It's a win-win. After Costco, the boys were rewarded with a trip to the ever exciting "poop store." This is actually Petco. Every time we go there we see the ferrets and every time, one of those ferrets will poop right in front of the boys. It's never been called anything but the "poop store." A bit embarrassing in public, but pretty funny really. The boys were exhausted and crashed quickly tonight. Hopefully they will be rested for our busy week.

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