Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise

Seriously. It's like we've regressed. We are back into the terrible two's. I really think the boys are just growing, and that once this growth spurt is over, we'll be better. They are always hungry, sleepy, crying, whining, or just acting inappropriately. Our morning started off rough. I felt like I had been sent back to the time when they were newborns and I would call Dan home from work because I was overloaded. Luckily we had preschool today so the boys were distracted (maybe not well-behaved, but distracted) for some time. After a quick lunch and play session, all three kids (the boys and Kierra) went down. It was not an easy lengthy nap (all kids woke up at one point or another crying), but the quiet time was well needed. After naptime, it was decided we needed to get out of the house. We called Ba (Aunt Kim) and headed down to the carousel. I have to say, I'm getting that front pack down and can get Kierra in much quicker than before. It's encouraging. The boys had a blast at Riverfront Park, and since Tuesday is crockpot dinner night, we walked in the door and sat down to dinner. Yum! The boys are asleep, I'm off to enjoy some quiet and actually read my book. Tomorrow will be a better day. As long as it doesn't snow...like it did today.

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