Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Has Arrived!

Have I mentioned I love summer? The weather is glorious, I don't have to drum up great learning activities for the boys. Everything is so EASY! Yesterday we went for a 3 mile walk with some friends and the boys had a blast! They did such a great job. We walked from Mission Park all the way downtown to the Big Red Wagon. The boys managed with snacks and the promise of some time at the park after the walk. We will be doing a lot more walking throughout the summer.

Today we went to the Fish Hatchery. The boys got to feed the fish and enjoyed watching them squirm and swim in the water. It was a great opportunity to talk about fish life cycles since they've been so excited about insect life cycles. Tonight Thomas brought us a Spider non-fiction book, so we added spiders to the life cycle discussion and it got really fun!

It's amazing how much they retain and how much they love to learn. Thomas is obsessed with his truck book right now and it really shows when we are out and about. We passed a construction site yesterday and Thomas says, "Herk (look) mom excavator!" He was so excited to see an excavator in real life and even called it by the right name. AWESOME!

After daddy got home, we separated and he took the boys back to Mission Park. They LOVE that park and are obsessed with watching people play tennis! I got to go out by myself and run some errands. Is it sad that I was excited to pick up some Tupperware from grandma? Is it sad that I was really excited to find out it was name brand Tupperware? That stuff is awesome! Dan puts in his two-cents and says, "Apparently we need to get out more."

Thomas and Joshua on the dinosaur at Mission Park.

Is it bad that when I want to make dinner without interruption I just pour colored rice into a bowl and have Thomas measure it for me repeatedly?

Thomas, Joshua, and Jameson at the fish hatchery.

This is how Thomas fell asleep. He ALWAYS hated being swaddled, and this is as close to swaddling as you can do to a toddler. He totally crashed. Poor little bugger.

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