Monday, June 23, 2008

Camping Camping Here We Come!

Tomorrow we leave for camping! So what did I do this morning, the morning before we leave? I had a 2 1/2 hour dentist appointment. It was to get a permanent crown.

I began my appointment by telling my new dentist (first time seeing him ever) that I do not do well at the dentist, that I am not a needle girl, and that I do not numb easily, so do it well the first time please. He starts wrapping the wonderful cord around my gums (this is painful even when numbed) and it's hurting like crazy. As my eyes water he says, "Does this hurt?" I nod yes. He says, "Well I didn't numb that part, so I guess I'll need to if it hurts." I was so ready to pack up and see my old dentist. If only he wouldn't have had all those tools in my mouth. Darn! Luckily, after only 2 more crying/eye watering episodes, I was good as new. Now I can camp and eat on both sides of my mouth! Assuming of course, that the swelling on my gums goes down and it doesn't hurt like crazy.

Dan and I decided to treat the boys to a movie after I got home. We took them to see Galapagos at the IMAX. The boys did great! They made it through the entire 45 minute movie. It helped that I brought "delay tactics" with me, consisting of suckers and fruit snacks (both which take the boys 10 minutes to eat). After a hair-pulling nap time, the boys were ready to go. They had a walk with daddy to the park while I finished up last minute camping details.

The boys are currently in bed, but torturing me. We are suppose to leave bright and early in the morning. They are still awake (it's almost 10:00 PM) and have the light on. I am about to take out the light bulb. Joshua is ready for sleep, Thomas is ready to read. I swear they do this to us every once in a while to remind us how good they usually are. We are both at wits-end a lot of the time right now.

However, the van is packed. Everything is ready. We need to wake up, eat breakfast and go. Hooray! I'll be back to blogging on Friday night when we return!

The boys one year ago, June 2007.

The boys 2 years ago, June 2006.

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