Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Josh fall in the toilet!"

Yes, it finally happened. The worst nightmare for bathroom trauma. It starts with the fact that Josh now pees standing up. This alone is a nightmare for the person who cleans the bathroom. He stands on a little stool and does alright, but it's usually still a mess. Tonight before bed, he went just one last time (Dan was supervising). I heard the thud and the wail, but continued reading Thomas his 2 books before bed. I said to Dan, "Did he fall and hit his head?" Dan responded, "Oh he fell right into the toilet, worse than you think." Always a great statement. Apparently the stool slid and he fell in face first. Nothing like vaulting head-first into your own stool sample. Dan did a quick HOT rinse and brought him out to be checked. A nice split chin and a wet head, and he's no worse for the wear. Unfortunately, all he'll hear the rest of the night is Thomas saying, "Josh fall in the toilet!" Yup, those are the words you want to hear as you fall asleep.

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