Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Me Like That Place"

Today was Artfest. No excuses. So when we woke up to rain, we layered everyone up and headed to the park to see all the great art displayed. At least we can say that we weren't crowded. The boys left with a wooden tractor and train hand-carved. They love them, and they look really neat. We also got chocolate-covered strawberries, so the day wasn't a total loss. Plus, the boys sat really well in the jogger as the rain dripped down on to them, so I can't really complain. After a crazy nap (Joshua had a "night terror" or something and woke up screaming for 30 minutes just to fall right back asleep), we went to look at a house. It's the best house we've seen yet. We've decided to keep looking as Dan is within months of a raise (keep your fingers crossed) so it might bump us up in what we can afford. The boys did so well (we drove around for about 45 minutes after looking at the house, exploring neighborhoods) that daddy decided Chuck E. Cheese was in order. The boys, and I mean all the boys, had a great time. So did I. We played games, ate pizza, and just had a great time. When we left, Joshua exclaimed, "Me like that place!" I'll attach a picture after I scan it. The boys are in bed, not quite asleep, but well on the way. Dan sprayed the wasp nest that attacked me yesterday, so we're all feeling better about that. Now he's setting up a movie for us! Last night we watched "The Kite Runner" and tonight it's "Charlie Wilson's War." We haven't watched movies two nights in a row since the boys were little...this is progress! Little does Dan know that for tomorrow I've saved "27 Dresses"...he'll be thrilled. :)

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Nicole said...

House hunting can be fun and frustrating. Good luck! I hope you find the perfect one. :)