Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Days Just Get Worse

Last I wrote, Thomas had enjoyed a bottle of Tylenol. Although my car got fixed (it was a recall issue and therefore FREE), the day did not go uphill from there. Upon returning from getting my car from the dealership, Joshua and I walked through the back gate to go into the house. Immediately I felt this stinging sensation on my shoulder. It took me several moments to realize I was being attacked by bees. What happened to Josh (who I was carrying) I'll never know...I must've thrown him. I quickly stripped down as the bees were stinging my back and shoulder, screaming at Dan to help me. I could not find the bees, but felt the stinging and worried about them getting Josh. I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed the spectacle of me stripping in the backyard screaming HELP...not the greatest impression to give. A little while later, the ice packs came off and band-aids covered the welts. The boys were not too traumatized by my crying or total freak out.

After that, my day improved drastically. One of my best friends (an old teaching partner) and her family came up for the night to play cards and visit. They have a 5 year old (Zoe) and a 20 month old (Ben). The kids all had a great time playing and stayed up well past their bedtime. The adults had a great time playing and all stayed up well past their bedtime. I think we finally hit the hay at about 2:30 AM. The boys, grumpy and tired, woke up at 6:30 AM this morning, leaving a grumpy and unhappy mommy (especially since Dan was golfing and I was on my own). Swimming lessons improved everyone's moods. We then met up with our friends again for lunch and some fun at Riverfront Park. It was such a beautiful day! At about 2:30 (2 hours past the boys nap time...especially after the long day prior), the boys started crashing and we parted ways. The boys didn't even make it up the hill and are currently asleep again. They are SO tired! Hopefully they can get in a good nap so we can head down to Art Fest this afternoon!

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