Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water Balloons and Rain...What Happens When You Promise Things

So, that's what happens when you promise your kids they can play with water balloons TOMORROW! They remember! Even though it was raining, I was forced to follow through and after preschool this morning, the boys played with water balloons in the rain. It was pretty cute and it really tuckered them out! You'll see a cute picture of our preschool group below...cute kids! After an awesome nap (and by awesome, I mean 3 hours) we headed over to a birthday party for Dan's uncle David. The boys had a great time, mostly because there was CAKE! Dan's cousin Johnnie painted an awesome mustache on Joshua (see below) and to make it even better, Joshua (never having seen Austin Powers and nobody ever showing him) put his pinky to his mouth. Our little mini-Austin Powers. Gotta love it!

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