Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do You Feel Your Poop Coming?

Never thought I'd utter those words. Apparently, as a parent, you say more than you ever thought you would. Both boys were working on pooping on the potty tonight (unsuccessfully I might add, but getting closer!). Our morning started off with a bang as we prepared for swim lessons and the boys decided to test the limits of my patience. After going to the garden and finding big rocks they proceeded to throw them at the sliding glass door. After several discussions (and in the end spankings), we decided to go to the park and blow off some energy. Good move mama! Swim lessons were a big hit! Joshua swims like a dolphin and loves to go underwater. Thomas has turned into the more tentative one (crazy eh?) and while he enjoys the water, is definitely slower to try something new. Below you'll see Josh doing his new swim move. After a long nap (boy this sun is a great thing!), we ate dinner and headed to Upper Manito on our bikes for some extra playtime. It was nice to just be out as a family and hang out.

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