Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Cousin To Play With

Today was our first day with cousin Kierra. She stays with us a few days a week while her mommy and daddy work. She is an angel. Our morning was busy with the learning playdate. We had a picnic outside, which turned out to be lots of fun! Joshua is getting better at memorizing his letters, and Thomas is just barely beginning to remember some sounds. It's so much fun to watch them progress! We've just started working on identifying numbers and counting...although it's cute to hear their versions too. After playdate, the boys and Kierra took great naps. After naptime, we enjoyed the lovely sunshine and played outside until daddy got home. Then I got to go for a Mom's Night Out to Tomato Street! HOORAY! This is a much needed and enjoyed event for me. All in all, a great day, I'm exhausted!

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