Friday, May 9, 2008

Hey It's 55 Degrees....Warm Enough To Play In The Sprinkler, Right?

Today was gardening day. We finished loosening up the soil and getting ready to plant seeds. We planted a row of sunflowers on the back of the yard against the fence. The boys enjoyed this, but were even more thrilled when I turned on the sprinkler to water the area briefly. They both stood over the sprinkler getting their heads soaked! I did let them play for quite a while as they were having an absolute blast. Then we headed inside and warmed up. The boys are back to being bottomless pits again. Thomas asked for 3 dinners tonight. He ate a Junior Roast Beef Sandwich, noodles, fries, oranges, strawberries, and some tatertot casserole. WOW! After nap we ran some errands (including getting my tabs, which to our surprise, I've driven over a year with expired ones). Turns out they don't send you a mailing every year. How easy it is to forget! We then ran to K-Mart to get some new seeds. If you have any background on Joshua at K-Mart, you can guess how this trip went. We haven't gone to that store in over a year because upon entering the store it is as if Joshua senses something and totally freaks out. I'm not talking a simple lay on the floor tantrum. I'm talking a full-out cough till you almost vomit from crying jag. It's ridiculous. Needless to say, Joshua still feels this way about K-Mart and he will not be visiting the store again anytime soon. We were able to get home and plant peas, carrots, and lettuce before it was time to go inside. The boys are in their current routine of antagonizing each other before drifting off to sleep, so hopefully it will be quiet again soon. Enjoy your weekend!

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