Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boys 31 Months

Every month I try to take a picture of the boys within a week of their monthly "birthday." This way, I can arrange a composite showing the changes over time. Dan says I'm "kooky" but he can't complain since he'll enjoy the pictures when they're older.

Today was our worst experience at church EVER! It might have been that our morning routine was a little off, or just that the boys were off. Whatever it was, I was ready to walk out. Thomas has decided that he enjoys the singing portion. It doesn't matter if the whole congregation is singing, or just him. Embarrassing! Joshua just likes to yell things out. Awesome! We took turns taking the boys out and disciplining them. It was quite the fight. After church (the boys crying and hanging all over me) an elderly couple (that we had purposefully separated ourselves from so they could pray in peace) came over to chat with us. They were so complimentary and wanted us to know that they've all been there before. It was a great chat and we felt a little better walking out the door...pulling our screaming children by the arm.

The day got better as the boys were just exhausted (part of the church behavior) and took an early and long nap. Dan and I did household chores and yard work. It was quite the productive day! We went to a beautiful park and let the boys run on the playground, then we wandered around the pond looking at turtles, frogs, and ducks. After dinner we enjoyed some time with my family as my brother and his family are visiting from Seattle. YEAH! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post some great cousin pictures as there are lots of them now!

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