Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lesson 1: What Should You Do If Your Airbag Light Comes On?

I can tell you for sure that the answer is not "let it go for a bit while you save the $200 to get it turned off" (even though the dealer said it would be fine). Friday morning, the boys and I went to a store and got some balloons. When I turned my car back on, my horn began honking. And not "here a honk, there a honk," but one continuous honk. If I were out on some country road by myself, this would not be so humiliating; I am sitting in the middle of a parking lot with LOTS of other cars. I turned the car off, nothing, the horn continues. You would think the boys would be freaking out like me, but instead they think we are on some awesome ride where the horn is really a great tool for attention! I call Dan at work, trying to decide if I sit in the parking lot with a horn blaring, or try to get to a car repair place that will turn off my horn. I decide to drive. Now, to get to a car repair place, I must first navigate my current parking lot and the neighboring Rosauers parking lot. At 9:00 in the morning, you can imagine it was filled with a plethora of people, all over the age of 65. The kind person in me was waving to let them pass, while my horn was blaring at them forcing them to think I was a jerk. Cars pulled over, drivers flipped me off, lots of people braked in front of me. It was awesome...not. I was a deep shade of red by the time we pulled into the AAMCO parking lot. The workers did not run out immediately as they thought I was a ticked customer honking at them. Then, when I exited my car and my horn continued to blare, they immediately came out and disconnected my horn for me. The silence was blissful, and the cars surrounding me, pulled over to share their relief. The boys still think this situation was both fun and funny and love sharing the story with anyone who will listen. I currently have no airbag and no horn, and an appointment with the dealer next week. :)

On another note, some friends (Kim and Greg) came over and we had game night last night. It was AWESOME! We got through 3 games of pinochle in just a few hours. This is record time with kiddos! We had limited interruptions and just the best time. It not only shows that the kids are getting older and more able to play independently or with others, but also that it's way more fun when you win! If you ask Dan, he might not have the same feelings about the night, as the boys lost all 3 games...BADLY!

Update on grandpa: As of yesterday morning (the last update I've had), he was looking great! He was hoping to get released this morning and head home. The boys loved visiting him and it was heartening to see him looking so good.

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Jeannette said...

I laughed out loud at that story. You painted such a funny picture of you guys driving down the street. Hopefully you're laughing about the situation now...