Friday, May 30, 2008

If There Was A Test For Being A Parent, Some Days I Would Totally Fail

Some days, with the kids in bed, my feet resting on the couch while watching an excellent television show, I can look back at the day and say, "Man, I was a good mom today." These are what we call "good days." Then, days like today happen, and we're back to square one...sitting on the couch, my head cradled in my hands wondering what where I went wrong as a parent.

This morning, I'm reading a message from my friend Andi that reads, "Lola drank her whole bottle of antibiotics, so we had to call Poison Control." I respond to her message, just as Thomas walks in the room carrying a bottle of Children's Chewable Tylenol. "I eat it all. Yummy." CRAP! Thomas has gotten into my purse and somehow opened the childproof bottle of children's Tylenol that I carry. Now it's my turn to call Poison Control. Those people are awesome. I weigh Thomas on our scale and he tells me that even if Thomas ate a full bottle of 30 pills, he would be fine. Luckily, the bottle was nearly empty, but he still got a massive dose of Tylenol. Thomas is fine, and the good news is, his fever IS down! If there was a test for being a parent, some days, I would totally fail.

Can you find Thomas? Yup, he's in there sleeping! Apparently Josh was talking too much and too loudly!

Josh wanted to swing with someone. Thomas said no. Josh decided that swinging with his pop would have to do...until it fell off. :(

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The Butterfields said...

Harry had 1/4 bottle of Motrin one morning while I was changing Emma- he climbed my toilet, onto the counter, into the locked cupboard, picked out the Motrin, opened the childproof bottle and brought it back to me empty and said "Medicine All Gone!" I love kids. Poison Control rocks. :P