Monday, May 19, 2008

Yeah, Still Stings...

After breakfast at IHOP today, we spent some brief moments at greatma's house and headed to the park. This park is awesome with a sand volleyball court (perfect for digging) and just a great play structure. We met another mom with a 5-year old and 3-year old. We talked as all the kids played. Somewhere along the line we started chatting about having more kids and I told her we did In-Vitro because of infertility. Her response, "That must be so nice! You never have to worry about birth control or anything! My husband just looks at me and we get pregnant. We only had to try once for our youngest. We're just so fertile." Yeah...still stings. The conversation didn't last too long after that as there aren't too many kind responses that formed in my head. I was surprised though that I still felt that strongly. I only needed to look over at my two miracles to remember that every comment (usually well intended) was worth it.

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