Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Man, We Have Cute Kids

Preschool today was quite a bit of fun. The boys absolutely loved a lot of the centers. They loved the sensory table with colored rice, loved painting with cotton balls and clothespins, and loved putting babies (pics of animals) to sleep on a bed (piece of paper) and covering them with a blanket (baby washcloth). We did these centers long after the other kids left! I had an appointment with the urologist. Turns out everything is fine and I'm not at great risk for another kidney stone! HOORAY! I've been cleared of everything related to that. HOORAY! Grandma Patti watched the boys, mostly during bed, but when they woke up they were so happy to see her. And Grandpa Bob when he came to pick her up! It's all I heard about all night long! The boys had a great time playing with each other and were great friends tonight. So cute!

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