Monday, May 12, 2008


The days are beautiful, but I'm just as exhausted as the boys! This morning was the long-awaited breakfast with grandpa and greatma. The boys absolutely love it and look forward to it every Monday. Afterwards, we spent some much needed time at greatma's house and ran up and down her hallways. This was great, since the boys only slept 8 hours last kept them up longer than they would've made it at least that was my theory. We got home, and I put them down at 11:30 AM. This is early, but not extremely early for them. Greg (a great family friend) arrived at 1:30 to hang with the boys while I went to a doctor's appointment...the boys were still awake. ARG! I finally split them up and they passed out for a few blessed hours. After waking up, we went to the library, played with bubbles, and were busy busy busy until bedtime. Now, I'm ready to sack out and see what tomorrow brings!

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