Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sleeping In Is A Beautiful Thing

The boys did not wake up this morning until 7:45 AM!!! To me, this is the latest I've slept in in FOREVER! It was awesome. Sunday is doughnut day, so we went to the store and got our doughnuts and enjoyed every fattening moment. The rest of the morning was spent at Adam and Mere's with the boys' cousins Abby and Macey playing outside. Naptime and a quick trip to Costco concluded our Sunday. Joshua is currently sitting at his bedroom door (for the last 34 minutes) crying because he wants milk, attention, he's wet, wants to be rocked, is sad, or hurt. He'll try anything! Hopefully he'll quiet down soon and fall asleep anywhere but right next to the door where we bang his head when we try to go in and check on them. Night everyone!

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