Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doot...Doot...All Better

A busy day for sure. How they hold it together so well, is beyond me sometimes! And only sometimes. :) A beautiful morning let us walk to Manito with Auntie Angie and Cousin Kierra. After returning home, I headed down to Endicott to work on the zoo lessons. Teaching was great, the boys had a great afternoon, so all was well. My cousins Ruth and Randall joined us for dinner so the boys worked on their dancing choreography as well as other entertainment qualities. I'm telling you, Ruth brings out their artistic side (while I must squash it in her absence). :) We then trekked down to the hospital to visit Grandpa Lyle, sick with pneumonia. This has been a hard winter for everyone..sheesh! He looked great and the boys loved seeing him. To make hospitals a more friendly place, we've taught them that you go to the doctor and they go "Doot, doot, all better." This makes the boys more at ease when visiting someone, when visiting the doctor themselves, or when I go to the doctor. "You go doctor? Doot, doot, all better?" It's as easy as that and they seem to do really well visiting family and friends at the hospital. Hopefully tomorrow, grandpa is doing better.

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Nicole said...

Good thing Thomas took his saw to help his grandpa feel better. :)