Sunday, June 8, 2008

No one ever told me NOT to let my kids watch gymnastics!

This morning started off pretty laid-back. Dan is at Guard all weekend, so we've been rather lazy. We went out and worked in the garden, digging for worms and planting a few more vegetables. I pulled out a Sunflower that was really sprouting to show the boys the roots and explore all the parts. They thought this was really neat. We took a nice bike ride down the block. Both boys are now riding bikes and pedaling on their own 90% of the time! HOORAY! We loaded into the van and went to a park and played a little more to get out some of the energy. Then it happened. I let the boys watch gymnastics on tv. Apparently this is a big no-no, I was just never told. The boys proceeded to attempt gymnastic stunts on our bed. Not bad, right? It's a soft surface and it's king-size so lots of room. WRONG! Josh took a huge tumble off the end and sliced his head open on the dresser handle. I picked him up and blood was everywhere. I immediately put a towel on his head and called my sis-in-law (a nurse) to see if I had to take him in for stitches. She tells me I have to look at it. It's a flap of skin covered with blood caked into his hair. Of course, I'm trying not to gag, so I start with, "It's really gross." After some conversation and more gagging, we concur that stitches are not necessary unless the bleeding doesn't stop. His head is now coated heavily with Neosporin (I should've taken a picture first, but didn't think of it). Now good ole' Joshua stopped crying after about 2 minutes, but then started again when I wouldn't let him off my lap to play with bugs. Now they are down for a nap, and I can reevaluate the head situation when he wakes up. I could see blood on his pillow when I checked on him, but I'm hoping it's clotting enough to not do stitches. I would need back-up for that. The end lesson? Don't let your kids watch gymnastics. No one told me. I'm telling you.

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