Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favorite Thing To Hear

Thomas and Joshua are watching the Olympics in mommy and daddy's bed before going to bed themselves. I hear this from the other room,

Thomas says, "I love you. Me really do," to Josh.

Just makes my heart melt to hear things like that! Usually I lay in the middle of them with their heads resting on my arms. This time, since I wasn't in the room, Thomas had put his arm out for Joshua and Joshua was resting his head on Thomas' arm. CUTE!!!!


Kim said...

Oh my gosh Amber!! That is the cutest thing I have ever heard!! You are so lucky to have such sweet boys!!

Kait said...

Your boys are so adorable and such good brothers! I love watching you interact with them - it's so great how you explain things to them when they're upset. You're a great mom!
I hope Sam can get to know Joshua and Thomas more and they can be sweet little buddies together! :)