Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day on the Houseboat

Today was AWESOME! Dan's cousin, Corey, invited us to spend the day out at his dad's houseboat. We had so much fun! Dan's other cousin, Carlene, and her family (including 18-month twin girls) were there as well. The boys had an absolute blast, and so did we!

As soon as we got there, Thomas ran to the big rock bed and worked on getting the rocks back into the river. Joshua, on the other hand, wasted no time running straight into the water. That kid loves water. After he ate his lunch he spent his time trying to convince Corey to go swimming with him. He told Corey he got, "3 more bites." CUTE! :)

The big boys, Dan and Corey, decided to do their infamous jump off the top of the houseboat. The picture is below. I have almost the exact picture from my first trip to the houseboat around 7 years ago! This time was a little different as both boys decided it was a great idea. We practiced off the side first (pics below) and then Josh did actually jump (get tossed) off the top of the boat. That is first picture on top!

Overall a great day. The boys made it until 5:45 with no nap. They napped the hour ride home and have since had a bath and are now getting ready for bed. Poor kiddos! The happy parents are also exhausted and heading to bed soon!

**As soon as the video of Josh jumping off the boat is sent to me, I'll post it. It's pretty awesome! I also added a picture of the four willing adults jumping off the houseboat. Corey, Dan, Maureen (Carlene's au pair), and Dave (Carlene's husband). **You can see a video of all these jumps at:

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