Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome Back Sunshine!

Monday was chilly! We spent the day with our friends the Butterfields out at the river. The boys were all busy busy busy. It was exhausting! The weather wasn't warm enough to spend the day at the beach, so we were forced to attempt board games while letting them play on the equipment outside. All kiddos took a nap, while we were finally allowed to complete a couple games of Electronic Life. Pretty fun...until you lose! :) We pulled out around 8:30 PM, Thomas & Joshua made it home and then CRASHED! They were exhausted! Thanks for spending the chilly Labor Day with us Butterfield Family!

Today was much better weather-wise. I took the boys to Balfour Park to play in the sand pit. They loved it. It's been a while since we've been there, so it felt like it was all new. I even got to read a few pages of my book while they build sand castles! We then hit Costco for our once-a-month run and got all sorts of goodies. The boys made it home and instead of crashing right away decided to play in their room. My mom came over and watched them while I went in for a cleaning at the dentist. HOORAY...no cavities! If you know how much I hate and despise the dentist, this is a big hooray! :) The boys only slept for about an hour and while Thomas was happy to see grandma, Joshua was pissed that I was gone. He went back to bed and woke up later after I'd returned!

Dan gave me a nice break and let me run to the library all by myself after dinner. It was great! It's amazing how much more you can get done when you are by yourself! I got some great bread baking recipe books and a few easy romance novel reads. I've recently discovered that laying down at naptime and reading a really good book is much more fun than housecleaning. I've finished 4 books in the last week and am really enjoying it!

**A funny story from Costco. We were in the line for hot dogs at Costco this afternoon after doing our grocery shopping. The boys are in the cart. Josh all the sudden starts pawing at my shirt all crazy-like. Mind you, this is lunch time and extremely busy. I look at Josh and say, "What are you doing?" He gives me a straight face and says, "I want to see your nipples."

Ummm....no. I had to say to him very quietly, "This is not a conversation for Costco, but I'll tell you now, the only nipples you need to see are your own. You NEVER get to see someone else's nipples." He proceeded to spend his time in line looking through the top of his shirt at his nipples.

Good times.

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