Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Busy Weekend

We got some free passes from Dan's cousin to go to the fair. We went to the fair 3 times this week! The boys loved it! Thomas was really hoping to do some Muttin' Bustin' (where the kids ride a sheep like a bull until they fall off). I was all for letting Thomas do it, Dan was a little fearful, so we decided next year. :) Joshua was obsessed with riding the "mamas" (llamas) and finally got to ride one last night. The boys were troopers and made it past 9 PM. They also crashed hard when they got home.

Today (Sunday) was extremely busy. The boys woke up later than usual and we had to hustle to church. We then went directly to Dan's cousins birthday party and had breakfast. Home for nap and then off to grandpa Lyle's 80th birthday party. Again, home after 9 PM and the boys are zonked. We have to get up early for breakfast with Grandpa Bob, so hopefully they do alright. We'll rest soon. I'll add pictures soon too!!!!

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