Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Return To Normalcy Means Goodbye Summer

Today was the first day back for preschool and Kierra. Being Kierra's first day back with us, she was pretty overwhelmed and spent most of the day in my arms. She is such an independent little person that I can't wait for her to return to the Kierra I know and love. Preschool was fun, as always. This week the theme was apples. I think the boys enjoyed painting and play-doh the best. I didn't get to do some of the fun reading and counting activities with them due to Kierra, so we'll work on those later this week. We did read "Ten Apples Up On Top." The kids then practiced balancing their apples on their heads (the majority of the apples were fake, by the way). :)

The boys and Kierra took quite a while going down for nap, but afterwards woke up fairly happy. We played outside, had alphabet soup for dinner, and Ba (Aunt Kim) came over. Dan and I went to church class and Ba hung out with the boys.

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