Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleeping In Is A Glorious Thing

The boys slept in until 8:15 AM this morning! HOORAY! They were exhausted! It did mean that we missed our weekly breakfast with Grandpa Bob, but in my mind, well worth it for the extra sleep! They were excited because daddy was home from Seattle, so we stayed up late playing.

Our Monday went by with a blur because of the late start. We didn't even leave the house until nearly 11:00 AM. The boys and I went to the mall. They ran around in the play area and I chatted it up with other moms. It was fantastic and much needed. We went home, had lunch and naptime, and by then it was time for dinner. After dinner we all walked to the library. I requested a Dora movie for Thomas. "Thank you mommy. Thank you very much. I love this Dora movie. I love it very much. Thank you mommy." The sweetest sentiments ever! :)

The picture posted is the boys monthly picture. They are now 35 months old. I take a picture within a few days of their monthly "birthday" to record how they've grown month-by-month. I've done it since they were born. Then on their birthday, I create a slideshow that shows each months picture. It's really fun! As for changes? This month the biggie is potty training. I can't say we're potty-trained, but we're getting closer every day. Thomas will still not consistently poop on the potty, but both boys are having less and less accidents every day. They are beginning to tell me when they need to go potty, which is really exciting! We are currently in an aggressive stage right now. Dan and I are really working on patience with them and trying to use really calm tones of voices. They are also extremely slow at moving now. It takes us 40 minutes to get out the door because they must do everything themselves (put on shoes, socks, coat, etc.). Then, by the time they are both ready, someone has to go pee and we basically start over. It's a true test of my patience somedays. :)

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