Saturday, September 20, 2008

When Dan's Away The Days Are LONG!

Dan will be home tomorrow. Thank God. The boys are fine, but they are in rare form for moments during the day and it's really unhelpful. This morning we went to the Twins Sale. Of course, we get there early because it's really nice to have a sale in town that has twins clothes. The boys did not want to leave the house and were totally uncooperative. I believe this is the part of two-year olds that is my least favorite. During the sale they actually did alright because Joshua got a caterpillar that tells the letters of the alphabet and Thomas found a tractor. I, however, came out empty handed. Not a good pick for clothes this year. We then went out and celebrated my niece's 5th birthday. The boys absolutely love their Uncle Adam and Aunt Mere as well as their cousins so they ran in and out of the house with all the big kids and had a blast. I'm pretty sure Thomas scarred a little 5-year old for life when he dropped his drawers in the yard and started peeing. I asked him why he was doing that and he said, "I pee a little in my pants, I can't wait." Not bad. We're getting there. After nap, we walked to the store for a little Halloween candy...I love this time of year! And the walk counteracts all the calories from the candy. Right??? :) The boys are now in bed, almost asleep. HOORAY!

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