Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Official

It's official, my camera is officially broken. It won't even turn on anymore. ARG! This is my prized possession. DOUBLE ARG!

We don't have a card reader for it (normally we just plug it into the computer), so there are some great pictures stuck for now. This weekend we went to Greenbluff and picked apples. The boys loved picking apples, but the highlights of the day were 1) riding the ponies and 2) peeing in the grass by the car before we left. They think it's neat that they can make a little river. I think it's neat that they DON'T go in their car seat on the way home! :)

We have told all of our family now that we are expecting. It's early (I'm only nearly 8 weeks), but with it being twins again, we felt it necessary. Just over the weekend, my pants are tighter. If this pregnancy is anything like the last one, I'll be in maternity clothes by the end of next week. Nice.

Dan had a job interview for our "dream job." This job would answer many of our prayers, first and foremost the financial aspect of Dan having a job, but it also has excellent medical benefits too! We will hear back this week, but Dan is pretty nervous about it. Keep us/him in your prayers!

More updates as the week progresses. To follow the IVF/pregnancy blog, go to:


Trippleaaa said...

I don't know what I would do without my camera so i can't even imagine how you feel! As far as maternity clothes goes, I frequent the quarter sales at Other Mothers and there are always tons of maternity clothes in the sale stuff. Just a thought because we all know how expensive maternity clothes can be!

Rob, Julie and Mya Tiegs said...

Holy cow! Wow,we wish you the very best! Maybe you can get a tv endorsement "Amber & Dan plus four!". I guess your prepared with all the stuff... We'll pray for your sanity!

The Butterfields said...

Yay Dan! I guess we should send some prayers his way too, instead of all of them for the bambinas?? :)
Also, Yay for tight pants!! :P